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Kate Adams and Alexia Beziki do the evapotranspiration movement in the Water Molecule Dance. Image by Evgenia Bourzoukou.

Water is Attracted to Water is a celebration of the human relationship with water combining theatre, dance, music, film and participatory events and workshops. In collaboration with scientists and engineers, we explore the science, myths and history of water, and we imagine possible futures. Read more.

Or see our Water is Attracted to Water website to join us in the Water Molecule Dance, listen to our EP and reconnect with water, the most important molecule for life on earth. 

Drawings of headlice in close up, some faded.

Death is Incomprehensible even for a Louse imagines the lives of insects, challenging us to put ourselves in the shoes (or tiny claws) of a head louse. Or to imagine the taste of our clothes for a moth. This short performance  is a creative response to Dimitra Kolliakou's book, Αλφαβητάρι Εντόμων (Alphabet of Insects). Read more

What does it mean to mourn and what rituals can we find to help us express our loss?  And By the Way the Cat is Dead is a solo show sharing a process of learning how to grieve. Sometimes funny, sometimes personal,  sometimes poetic or musical and sometimes a bit geeky, it becomes its own ritual. Read more.

Mourners depicted on an Ancient Greek Vase
Kate Adams performing Ma Ποια Παπια

Μα Ποια Πάπια (or I’m not a Pheasant Plucker) is a struggle to speak in a foreign language. It is a game of vulnerability and foolishness, an attempt just to say what I want, clearly, and without any mistakes. It is a search for home and a search for a voice. Read more.

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