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Role: Dramaturg

Mushroom Language, a Fungal Gothis by Ali Matthews is about the cycles that shape us – eruption, reproduction and decay. It’s about role-playing the lichen love stories, spore shoot-outs and truffle siren songs found in our forests.

Ali Matthews, a blond woman. Her head is poking out of a clump of pretend pink and white mushrooms as if she is growing out of the forest floor.

BOOK HERE for the premiere! October  25th & 26th 2023 at the Lowry, Salford

Role: Dramaturg and performer

Trapped by Medie Megas is a site specific performance taking its audience on a journey through history, language, conflict and the construction of national identity in Greece, past and present. 

In the early 20th century, in the midst of clashes between the Greek factions, Isadora Duncan a pioneer of modern dance, found herself caught up in events that marked Greek history, with violent confrontations that incurred loss of life: the 1903 riots over language and the National Schism of 1915.  Trapped is a performative experience, that starts as documentary dance theatre, and evolves into a site-specific installation and participatory performance.

Fast Forward Festival, April 10th - 13th 2018 | Onassis Cultural Centre

Performed at the Greek National Theatre, Ziller Building, Hall

See full details and credits on Medie Megas' website


Role: Dramaturg and workshop co-facilitator

Medie Megas a dancer, crouching down and leaning to one side. Greek words are written on large cards on a corrugated iron wall behind her.

How does one imagine and create a different reality?Transforming Me by Medie Megas is a meditation on personal and social transformation. The improvisational ‘transformation’ form upon which the piece is based, models the shifts through familiar into unfamiliar, through repetition and tipping points, through fear and hope.

Read more on Medie Megas’ website and see the promo video and Dance Press and Parallax reviews (in Greek).

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