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Climate and Eco Distress in the Arts and Everyday Life

7pm December 7th, 2023. Register here. Hosted by Kasia Witek, Solastalgia Project & Climate Psychology Alliance.

How can we live with the climate and ecological crises? An online talk exploring emotional and psychological responses.


How can we equip ourselves to cope with the vulnerability and intensity of our encounter with the challenges we face today? In everyday life and in artistic practice, what structures of care can we build for ourselves and each other?

Image of two dancers wound round each other and a branch with text over it. Text is included in the accompanying information.

Speculative nonfiction: ecodramaturgies for dancing science in Water is Attracted to Water

Theatre and Performance Research Association Conference, August 30th - September 1st 2023


Research paper introducing the Water is Attracted to Water project and exploring the significance of climate psychology, interdisciplinary voices and introducing the idea of speculative nonfiction as a form in eco dramaturgy. Abstract 

Panel: 'From Now into the Future: The role of activism and a Psychosocial Response to Climate Change post COP26'. Conference organised by the Climate Psychology Alliance and the Association for Psychosocial Studies. 

ACAMEDIA dance project, If not through the Academy, then how? 

Workshops and presentation April 2022, collaboration with Medie Megas, Zoi Dimitriou, Steriani Tsintziloni and Elpida Rikou.

Cinema Verde, directors round table and interview

Online, available with the film One Day We Will Dance with You on the Cinema Verde platform.

Round table and Q&A plus interview on the ecological crisis, science, emotions and the arts, the process and aims making 'One Day We Will Dance with You' with director Alkis Papastathopoulos. 

'One Day We Will Dance with You' is part of the Water is Attracted to Water project and funded by EU research project WATERAGRIOfficial selection for Smaragdni Eco Film Festival, Resurge: Canadian Film Festivals for a Liveable Climate, 2021, winner of Dancing Story Award at the Cinema Verde Festival 2022.

Thresholds of Freedom 

Online, free: 26 Jan 2022, 14:00 EEST, Recording available here.

Artists' panels on the different aspects and necessary conditions of freedom today, launching Anatomies of Freedom, a platform for creative dialogues which engage with freedom in the present and imagined possible futures. Curated by Maro Michalakakos. In discussion with poet Maria Topali & artist Zeyno Pekünlü. Chaired by author Amanda Michalopoulou. 

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