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How do butterflies breathe? Do insects have emotions? Death is Incomprehensible to a Louse imagines the lives of insects, challenging us to put ourselves in the shoes (or tiny little claws) of a headlouse. Or to imagine the taste of our clothes for a moth.

Drawings of headlice done with carbon paper, so they are all identical but some are faded

This short performance  is a creative response to Dimitra Kolliakou's book, Αλφαβητάρι Εντόμων (Alphabet of Insects). It explores the relationship between the human and non-human, and our love and fear of the natural world. For a taste of Dimitra's writing for those who don't read Greek, and especially for lovers of bees, an English translation of her beautiful chapter, B is published here.

Kate and Dimitra are brought together at the Thessaloniki Book Festival in a creative exchange, presenting Death is Incomprehensible Even to a Louse, followed by a reading of extracts from the Alphabet of Insects, a dialogue and Q&A on how their work explores connection with nature.

When and where 

Friday May 5th, 9pm-10pm 

Cosmos Space, Thessaloniki International Book Fair 

HELEXPO (Pavilion 14, Cosmos Room)
154 Egnatia Street
546 36 Thessaloniki


This event is part of the project “Anatomy of freedom”, funded and supported by the British Embassy and British Council

Curator: Maro Michalakakos

Selection of authors: Katerina Fragou

Assistant Curator: Myrto Rassinier

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