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Community dance, water, by Evgenia Bourzoukou

I offer a variety of workshops focusing on movement and text improvisation, games and stories, rituals and creative processes. These can be tailored to different groups and contexts including for artists, young people, and mixed groups.

Please find upcoming and recent workshops listed below:

Wishes for Water Workshops

Salisbury Centre, Edinburgh: February 17th - March 9th, 2024, every Saturday 5:30 - 6:30pm

Suggested donation £5 per session, but it is fine to pay less or not to pay if you do not have the money. Register via Eventbrite. 

drip photo_edited.jpg

A series of four workshops exploring our relationship with water through movement, breath, stories, drawing and words. We'll explore the dynamics and qualities of of water, themes of water and life, cycles in nature and connecting to the earth through water.

This is a welcoming space for personal and creative exploration, accessible to all. You are welcome to attend on a session by session basis or come to the full series. 

Exploring Climate Psychology and Eco distress

November 21st 2023, for Extinction Studies Doctoral Training Programme, Leeds University

An intensive bespoke workshop and talk, introducing climate psychology and a series of creative and discussion based activities to explore climate and eco emotions in the context of extinction studies research. 

The programme image saying Extinction Studies Doctoral Training Programme, with five small images of different environments and people below.

Roots, Trees & Sky: Movement Breath, Creative Exploration

May 1st 2022, 16:00: Alsos Ilision, Athens, Greece

Alsos Ilision, trees and sky

A co-facilitated workshop, exploring roots, trees and sky with our bodies and imaginations, with visual artist Maro Michalakakos and mindfulness and nature-based coach Nadine Andrews.

This workshop is free and open to the public, 16+. More information and booking here.

Wishes for Water: The Water Molecule Dance

May 11th 2022, 19:00: Isadora Duncan Dance Research Centre, Athens, Greece

In this workshop we learn the Water Molecule Dance and make wishes for water. The Water Molecule Dance is a community dance choreographed by Medie Megas for our short film One Day We Will Dance with You. It celebrates the life and science of water, from the movements of the Hydrogen and Oxygen atoms in the water molecule to the way water flows up through the stem of a plant and is released back out into the air.

This workshop is offered with the Isadora Duncan Dance Research Centre, for 10-12 year olds plus family. Facilitated by Kate Adams and Medie Megas. For more information please get in contact. 

The dynamics of water: exploring through improvisation

May 11th 2022, 20:00: Isadora Duncan Dance Research Centre, Athens, Greece

Choreographer Medie Megas and performance maker Kate Adams will share improvisational forms and creative tasks which they used in the making of Water is Attracted to Water. Using our bodies and imagination to explore the dynamics and behaviours of water, we will celebrate our experiences and connection to the watery world.

This workshop is offered with the Isadora Duncan Dance Research Centre, for teenagers and young adults. For more information please get in contact. 

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