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Kate Adams on stage walking past a screen that repeats the tongue twister 'I'm not a Pheasant Plucker' across the whole screen.

Μα Ποια Πάπια (or I’m not a Pheasant Plucker) is a struggle to speak in a foreign language. It is a game of vulnerability and foolishness, an attempt just to say what I want, clearly, and without any mistakes. It is a search for home and a search for a voice.

A solo performance, exploring miscommunication and misunderstanding, and the vulnerability and potential of the experience of displacement and exchange across languages and cultures as we struggle to define European identity. Performed in Greek with English translation and visual poetry, Μα Ποια Πάπια was originally presented at Love Letters to a (Post)-Europe at Bios, Athens before touring in Greece and the UK.

Text, images and postscript published as part of the book TO YOU TO YOU TO YOU: love Letters to a (Post) Europe, edited by Lisa Alexander.

Kate Adams cutting up some very ripe brie on stage. She looks surprised and pleased by the state of the brie.

With thanks to Medie Megas for dramaturgical advice and to the University of Salford for supporting the work. Thanks to Lisa Alexander for producing and organising Love Letters and TO YOU TO YOU TO YOU.

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